Thessaloniki food and culture tour 4hr

From EUR €89.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Thessaloniki

We’ll show you the thriving spots of Thessaloniki’s food and culture that reflect the pulse of Greek people’s hearts – bustling, warm and full of life! We’ll take you to the places you wouldn’t find on your own, with plenty of locals eating and drinking well-known Greek appetizers and specialties! At these flavorful venues, you’ll taste and experience the real daily life of the Thessalonians. You’ll further try some of the best local flavors with a modern take on Greek cuisine and we’ll for sure satisfy your sweet tooth. The interesting stories blended with the visit to the local market (open Monday to Saturday) will definitely make your day!

Group size: Up to 6 people
Bites: 14
Drinks: 4
Language: EN, EL, DE
Length: 4 hours